Connect to Hyper-V Server Over VPN (As Authenticated Domain User)

Good Afternoon  -

I'm trying to connect to my Hyper-V server over VPN from home this weekend.

If I connect to the VPN, open Hyper-V, and try to add my server's hostname it says I don't have the rights to do so.  Yes, I know I could RDP to a remote PC for Hyper-V access, but am doing a few other things too.

One big issue is that my laptop here is not a member of the domain so if I could even find a way to join it over VPN, then that may work.  Our company uses a PPTP VPN and we connect using Windows native VPN/DialUp connections.

Here's what I've tried...
- Tried opening Hyper-V using "RunAs" and using my domain credentials, but even when connected to VPN, Windows cannot authenticate my domain user  
- Tried adding DC and other ips to hosts file then trying - nogo
- Tried adding laptop to domain when connected to VPN - nogo

Seemingly, the issue is that even though connected to VPN, I cannot authenticate no matter what.  Also - Sometimes our VPN has issues populating DNS on the client PC so this may be a cause too.

Any ideas?  Thanks!
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Please take a look at this resource. It is for a workgroup client connecting to a domain hyper-v server.

There appears to be a considerable number of steps required.
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