Group Policy not changing?

Moving from 2003 to 2008 R2. New 2008 R2DC built, old 2003 DC retired. Have an XP user who has folder redirection showing from rsop.msc from Default Domain policy pointing to \\olddc\users\username. New user folder is \\new2008R2DC\users$\username.

Why did the policy not repoint to the new DC? How can that be changed now  
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Krzysztof PytkoConnect With a Mentor Senior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Hi, that's not so easy to do :) You can't change Folder Redirection path in the existing Group Policy just like that :]
First, you need to modify the existing policy according to the old location and move data to clients back. After that you would be able to create new data path in a GPO. For more details, please check this MS article at
to stop folder redirection.

You may be also interested in overview of Folder Redirection in 2008R2

I would first look and see if the policy is applying to the user.

On the workstation go to start -> Run -> type cmd

at the command prompt type gpresult and determine if your folder redirection policy is applying..

If it is not use gpupdate /sync and sync your workstation with your Group policy server.
kingsvilleAuthor Commented:
thank you
Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
You're welcome :)

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