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Hi Experts,
I am newbie to WebSphere MQ and got a task to install MQ and create clusters and qmanagers. Can somebody redirect to link that would show me step-by-step Installation of WebSphere MQ 7.0 Cluster and all further information on HP-UX specifically. Thanks!
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Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
Sai1319Author Commented:
Hi Gary,
This link doesn's have MQ Cluster installation for HP-UX
I couldn't find it under MQ hp-ux
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The installation is not different whether you use MQ cluster or not.
Sai1319Author Commented:
Ok, I guess, I need to create qmanager before I setup cluster
So this is an issue here:
crtmqm <qmgr_name>
When I run the above command, it says
crtmqm: not found

I ran find command to find crtmqm, but I couldn't find it. I looked at the installation logs, and it says the installation was successful. But wonder why crtmqm is not there under /opt/mqm/bin

swlist -l product -a software_spec -d -s /cdrom/p701xxxx.v11 MQSERIES

gsk7bas64 gsk7bas64,r=

uname -an
HP-UX etcadev1 B.11.31 U ia64 1756165173 ulimited-user license

Name: WebSphere MQ
CMVCLevel: p701-103-100814
BuildType: IKAP- (Production)

How do I know if I am installing from correct media on ia64 for ia64 and not PARSIC?

I will increase the point value from 250 to 500 now. Thanks for all your help!
Yes, you need to create qmanager before you setup cluster.
I am not a HP-UX expert, but I do not think you can install software of a different processor type.

User running crtmqm should be member of "mqm" group.
Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant Commented:
I'm not an HP-UX expert, either, but if the crtmqm command isn't present, then I'd guess that there is probably a problem with your installation.  Remove WebSphere MQ and reinstall, performing a Server installation from the Server media (Client doesn't include the Queue Manager, so that could be your problem).  

Make sure you carefully follow the "Quick Beginnings for HP-UX" instructions in the link I provided above, including following the installation validation instructions.

Install, at least the Runtime, Server, and Sample Programs components,and carefully review the installation log for any problems.

- Gary Patterson

Sai1319Author Commented:
Thanks Gary,

Actually I figured out before your reply. But your answer is correct.
Data center guys inserted MQ client CD instead of MQ Server.
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