I have a need to allow a remote user to VPN in and then have a host system print back to a printer in the remote network |

I am assuming that using a IPSEC VPN client will allow the user to connect to the network, but no way to address a printer on the users' remote network.

I would also assume that I Would need to do a site-site VPN tunnel to address the remote IP based printer.

Any suggestions?
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InteraXConnect With a Mentor Commented:
NEM is supported by the ASA's and, I believe, IOS with the firewall and K9 images.

I have found one site that references the old 3002 client and 3000 series concentrators with support.

All you need on each site is 1 static IP. This IP can host other services as well.
There are several ways of achieving this. I would look at L2L VPNs, possibly with NAT depending on security requirements etc. What hardware do you have and does the remote user initiate the sessions before the printing is required. If so, you could look at Cisco's Network Extension Mode.
yostnetAuthor Commented:
there may be a case where I do have a static IP address and can use a 5505 or the like |

however there are times where I am going to be sitting behind a network that has 1 IP address and then would need to somehow tunnel back through who knows what.

What supports NEM now?  Did the old hardware clients (3002) support this?

Pete LongConnect With a Mentor Technical ConsultantCommented:

Easy VPN - Network Extension
Configure Cisco EasyVPN With Cisco ASA 5500
Cisco ASA5500 Client VPN Access
AnyConnect VPN
Cisco ASA5500 AnyConnect SSL VPN


yostnetAuthor Commented:
Thx for the help
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