2004 dodge durango

i have a 2004 dodge durango. Have 1 key. Its the type with the alarm on key. I had a regular key made. No FOB attached. I can start the truck but it turns off after 4 seconds. I put my other original key in and it works fine. I can only assume that it is a security feature. Is there a way to disable that security feature?
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Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There may be a fuse that you can remove to disable it (check your manual & or fuse diagram)
If this is not the case then an alarm specialist may be able to disable it for you.
Michael-BestConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is not a simple way to disable the security FOB.
Also these keys seem to be problematic:

You will need to have another FOB key programmed or an alarm specialist may be able to disable it, either way your looking at over $100

Further reading on this:

Hpe ths hlps.
rrangel8Author Commented:
something to consider on both responses. May just spend the money and buy another key with FOB.

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