Storing large scale of data in XML? is it feasible?

Hello group,

I'm receiving data from a piece of hardware through RS232 serial connection and rather than saving data into a DB I want to store them in XML files. One thing I'm worry about is that sometimes I might get large scale of data from memory such as 8 x 8K or 2 x 8K data. (all 0s and 1s)

How can I store it into leaf in XML? what would be the downside of it?

Any help i appreciated.

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The question is how you want to store it.  If you want each 0 or 1 to have a tag it would fill up and break pretty quickly.

If you want to have one tag for each piece of data then it is probably viable, but in general a database would be more effective at retrieving the data is would be able to go directly to the data instead of working through a huge text file.

I have seen XML files as big as 16Gb so it is not impossible, just not necessarily a good idea...

Chris Bray
akohanAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
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