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I remember in windows XP's Send To you where able to add folders to it. Where does windows 7 keep that file so i can add a folder to it.  Also when you do windows update in XP they are saved in a compressed blue file in C:\windows\system32. Where do they keep them in windows 7
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José PerezCommented:
"Type “shell:sendto” (without the quotes) in the location bar of a Windows Explorer window. You’ll see the default choices here. Now you can pull any of the defaults out or you can add locations you want in the standard list with a simple drag-and-drop."
Gary CaseRetiredCommented:
That's ALMOST complete => but will only show the SendTo entries for the currently logged on user.    The entries you see on the "SendTo" menu include both the default and the current user's entries.

There are also entries for "Default" and for any other users you have on the system.

The path for all of these is as follows:


where the only variant is <UserName>

Note that you have to have Explorer set to show hidden files to see these entries.
And the updates are in x:\Windows\softwaredistribution\download\
with x being the drive letter - generally c:

Chris B
Anthony DeaverCommented:
A favorite power toy of mine from the XP days still works in Windows 7.  See     SendTo Toys.

Just thought you might like to peek at it.
evilclownshoesAuthor Commented:
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