Where can I check if server updates are causing problems?

My boss is totally paranoid about updates crashing the server. Is there somewhere I can go to review if recent updates have been causing problems? I could then wait a week or two and apply them if no problems have been reported
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SandeshdubeyConnect With a Mentor Senior Server EngineerCommented:
Run below command
C:\Documents and Settings\dsandesh>wmic qfe >>hotfix.txt
C:\Documents and Settings\dsandesh>hotfix.txt
The second command will open the file and you can see the hofix installed details with date and time.You can uninstall the patch which is causing the issue.

I personally would recommend on the servers you need to manually install the patches.If you do the same you are aware of the same which patches are installed.In case if problem occurs after update installation you can ununstall the same.

Check the event log for more details.

Em ManCommented:
is that was the last thing happened before it occurred, then possibly its the one that cause the problem.
uninstalling the update is probably the first steps.

but if problem persist you might want to check some evens in your server logs. imho
wolfcamelConnect With a Mentor Commented:
the biggest problem i have seen with updates is the ones that force/need the server to restart.

to put you boss's mind at rest there are two things you can do..

1 - run a virtual server with a similar config to your server - then you can test updates in the virtual environment first.
2 - use an imaging product for instant backups - i like storage craft shadow protect - i make an image of the running server manually before major updates/service packs, or i have the scheduled versions make backups every 15minutes - then if a patch or update causes major problems it is very easy to roll back.
3 - google - the problem with using the internet to check if other people have had issues with updates - is you will almost certainly find someone who has a problem with every update at some stage - or at least think the update was the cause.
4 - this is more about implementing good disaster prevention/recovery policies. Scheduling updates and maintenance for the "best" time and minimising risks and exposure - a dodgy update is just one of many things that could cause you problems.
PurpleZebraAuthor Commented:
I appreciate both answers and they work, I was looking more for a known forum, chat, website where people regularly discuss current and recent patches, more focused than google.
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