Ethernet II to IP address

how to convert Ethernet II Address to IP Address?

i got Ethernet II address in wire shark and want to convert it to IP,
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Garry GlendownConsulting and Network/Security SpecialistCommented:
If you have a decent switch (read: manageable), you could query its MAC table and find the port it is connected to. If the packet you capture isn't an IP packet (which obviously is the case, otherwise Wireshark would display the IP content too), chances are the device you're looking for does not have an IP address ... in that case, any IP query mechanism would fail ...
otherwise, you could use tools like nmap to scan your network while capturing with wireshark (or doing "arp -a" on the box you're scanning from) to find the right machine ...
Wireshark show you MAC address of source and destination.
You can use freeware Advanced IP Scanner for scanning IP and MAC address:
Mac addres details:
osloboyAuthor Commented:
am getting the packet from IPS which contains only


in ethernetII, there are destination and source Addresses in MAC form.

and i want to convert them to IP or in other word looking to track the source and destination IP address

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You can look to source and destination MAC addresses in Ethernet II packet and use proposed software for determination IP address (you will see table with IP and MAC addresses).
You will be able to determine address in you LAN. If you like to see external IP address, you should use some other tool (some IP protoclol analyser)
osloboyAuthor Commented:
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