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Passing Object from one .swf file to another


I am new to action script 3.0

I am working on existing flash project which is calling internaly swf files one after the other.

I have code available.

In my website I have all the .swf files are available

In SaveForm.swf file below code is used

Settings.getInstance().dispatchEvent(new SiteEvent(SiteEvent.JUMP_TO_PAGE, true, true, { page: 13 } ));

which is taking to the another ShareForm.swf file

This is in method submitData()

Also in the same SaveForm.swf, I have another object UserData, where all user data is saved

private function saveUserData():void {
      var my_message:String = 'Hello';

      // setup User Data object
      trace("Dinesh 5");

I wanted to recive UserData2 object values in my ShareForm.swf

All object values are accepting in method jumpToPageHandler() ShareForm for example
youremail.text = UserData2.getInstance().getEmail();

What code I should write in both files so, that I should receive UserData2 object values in ShareForm.swf

I am not sure why this is not working in existing code, I can see this bit is working on production, but cannot see any code in code avalible

so, I have to pass these values like this only

Please guide me. I am attaching both .fla files action script. Please find it attached.

Many Thanks,
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1 Solution
Where FLA file?
For passign data between SWF you must use LocalConnection. I don't see you are using in your AS files

tia_kamakshiAuthor Commented:
Thanks dgofman,

I will try this tommorow and come back to you.

Thanks again
tia_kamakshiAuthor Commented:
Hi dgofman,

Just for information, I have not yet tested this. I will test and come back to you today or by tommorow.

Sorry about delay

Thanks again for your help

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