importing PST files into Exchange 2010

I recently had to rebuild  a client's network.  The domain controller crashed and it was tme for a new mail server anyway.  There are only 7 users and only @ a 10 gb Information store there so i figureed it would be easiest to backup the data and backup the mailboxes to PST files (was Exchange 2003 and Outlook 2007).

I ended up with 2008 Server R2 on both the file server and Exchange server and Exchange 2010.  All went fine but now i cannot successfullly import the data from the PST files.  When i did the orignaly backups to the PSTs there were no errors.  After i did the export to PSTs i then disjoined the PCs from the old domain.  Once the new network was up i joined them to the new domain. whihc went fine but whenever i try to import the PST file into Outlook 2007 it shows me an error saying that All items could not be imported, some items may have been moved or deleted.

I ran scanpst.exe on a couple of the pst files and  it reports that there are way more items and folders in the PST file than what is ending up in the mailbox after the import so i know the PST was done correcty.
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You may have already tried this, but can you open up the PST (not import) along side the exchange account in Outlook, and drag the emails from the PST folder into the exchange folder?  Same with contacts, tasks, and such.

What steps are you using for importing in Outlook 2007?  Is it just File > Open PST?  How big is the PST file?  If it is more than 2 GB, this may be the issue.

Also, download the trial version of Outlook 2010 64-bit, you can install it on the exchange server and import the PST manually with the steps at this link:
cirving13Author Commented:
to import the PST i am using IMPORT / EXPORT and going through the wizard to import the PSt inot the mailbox.  When i simply open trhe PST, it opens but looks identiical to the mailbox after improting it.  Some of the PSTs are larger than 2 gb but  acouple are smaller and still had the issue.

Also, it appears that the big problem is that there are no subfolders, so teh inbox and sent itmes seem fine, contact and calendar is fine but no subfolders under Inbox.  There is 1 user that has multiple folders directly under the mailbox and they appear to import fine.  That user still got the error message so not the entie PST was imported but quite a bit.

I will try the step below.
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This error comes when the emails of old mailbox that were not movable to a PST file from an Exchange server due to many reasons. Also may be automatic replies.
Also you cannot find any missed emails from inbox or sent items or any folders
cirving13Author Commented:
Bigeven2002, i did that but unfortunately both the pst and the Outlook mailbox look the same.  The backed up PST file is @ 3gb, when i look at her mailbox, it is showing only @ 1 gb.  Also, when i ran scanpst.exe on the backed up PST file it reported 38 folders and close to 6000 items (whihc is correct) but she only has @ 12 folders and 2000 items after the import of the backed up PST.

I also made sure premissions etc were fine and allowed fthe backed up PSt to be acccessed/
I see.  I trust the Outlook 64 import suggestion failed too.  I'm afraid I'm at a loss on this one.  Sorry I could not be of help.
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