GWT Google Web Toolkit Remote Object synchronization

I am looking for an elegant way to synchronize objects between multiple clients and a server over the web.

1. Client A registers for notifications of changes to a object O with the server S.
2. Client B notifies the server S that it has modified a property of the object O.
3. Server S checks which clients registered for updates to the object O, identified Client A and notifies the client A of a change.
4. Client A updates the local instance of object O.
5. Object O on the client A and object O on the client B are not synchronized.

Question: does Google Web Toolbox offers an out of the box solution to the architecture above?

Note: i know i can do this manually, with the Event Bus, for example. I am wondering if there is an out of the box solution that can let me simply register objects for updates and keep them synchronized without "reinventing the bicycle.."

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I am not a GWT developer myself but I came across the following statement:

Multithreading and Synchronization: JavaScript interpreters are single-threaded, so while GWT silently accepts the synchronized keyword, it has no real effect. Synchronization-related library methods are not available, including Object.wait(), Object.notify(), and Object.notifyAll(). The compiler will ignore the synchronized keyword but will refuse to compile your code if the Object's related synchronization methods are invoked.

But as always you are not the only one looking into this therefore I suggest you take a look at it seems to be the extension you are looking for.

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cyber-33Author Commented:
The issue here is NOT the synchronization in a multithreaded environment. The issue is synchronization of Java Objects and their attributes. For example, if I have two objects; o1 and o1, each instantiated from the class C1, each has a property NAME. So, if I set o1.Name = Joe, the goal is to have the system update o2.Name to Joe. Hope this clarifies the question...
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