How do I convert all my Plane text mails to HTML

I am using outlook 2003 and exchange server 2010, when I receive a mail in my outlook junk folder, It gets converted into plane text. but I want it should remain in HTML format, one way of converting such a mail to HTML from plane text is to first open the mail and then on the top right click the mouse and select the option view in HTML but I wanted a permanent solution so that all other mails in junk box get converted back to HTML in a single go.

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Since I do not have access to an Exchange Server I am going blind on this!

1. Open AD Users & computers. Start>All Programs>Microsoft Exchange.
Find the relevant mail box used by the application and open the properties page. Select the "Exchange Features" tab and you should see a "Protocols" section, then click the appropriate protocol (i.e. POP, IMAP) then properties. This should allow you to force to use HTML.
2. If that does not work then try Expanding Server configuration>Client Acces select the server you want to manager, then the POP3 and IMAP tab. Examine the "Retrieval Settigns" tab. The MIME format for the connector in question can be changed in the "Message MIME format" drop-down box at the top. This can also be done for individual mailboxes by getting properties of the mailbox and looking for the "Mailbox Features" tab.
3. You can also look further here for the  ImapMessagesRetrievalMimeFormat switch.

Hope this points you in the right direction.
This functionality is a security fetaure to disable any potential malicious links contained in the HTML junk emails. Why do you want to open yourself up to malicous emails?
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
right click on the email and mark as not junk and it will move the email into your inbox and html formatting will be restored.
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