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Can't format a drive using partition magic


I am  trying to format and partition an external harddrive using partition magic.

Unfortunately, I have the errors bellow. Do you guys know what can I do?
4 Solutions
cismoneyAuthor Commented:
Have you attempted any alternative methods to test this drive?  Say on another device or with a USB adaptor or another adaptor to see if the drive can be read?

How about testing it with the MFG drive tool utilities?  Each MFG of HDD provide a testing tool to validate a drive and if it is found bad, and under warranty, a return can be generated...perhaps test with this method before using with Partion Magic.  

Otherwise, my experience has been the drive set up wtih PM is pretty straight forward, and I wonder if your drive is indeed bad.

Please provide the exact OS you are using (Windows XP Pro, home, Vista Pro/home, 7 ect...)
Is this a custom built box?  Brand (which one)...provide model #
And the drive brand/mfg would be helpful unless you are able to locate the MFG tool on your own.

Also, could you describe how you installed this problem drive?   Is it Slaved or Cable Select?  Is it SATA or EIDE (or even SCSI...but I doubt it is).   Internal or External (though guessing internal).


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Arman KhodabandeCommented:
Try Windows Disk management to create drive and format it. Here's the tutorial.
This is good too.

If it didn't work check your SMART info of your hard drive with these. . .

This is a nice tool to monitor health and temperature of your HDD. Download it.

Good luck
cismoneyAuthor Commented:
the external drive , is the primary drive of one of my laptops.
I have tried to reinstall windows 7 on it, but i have couldn't, so I decided to purchase an external hard drive enclosure.
I am trying to format that drive to be able to reinstall an OS on it.


windows xp : OS where partition magic is install
windows 7: Os that was installed on my external harddrive
brand of the hard drive ; western digital
model number : WD6400BEVT
disk type: sata
Thanks for the info:

You may wish to start here with this utility from WD:

Follow the questions on the right-hand-side and it should allow you to download the correct version.
And also follow this:

Installing an Advanced Format WD drive into a third party USB enclosure

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<-- -->
Note: The Acronis version of WD Align successfully aligns WD External Storage products containing Western Digital Advanced Format Drives. However, WD does not support using any of our Advanced Format Drive alignment utilities on third party USB enclosures.

Important: Always create a backup of your data before using the WD Alignment utilities.

We recommend that you perform the alignment operations (under Windows XP) previously described on the WD Align utility web page. If the alignment utility does not identify your drive as an advanced format drive, then we recommend you follow the procedure below:
 1.Install the drive directly into a PC using the SATA interface as a second drive.
 2.Run Windows disk manager to partition and format the drive.
 3.If you're using XP, you will need to run the WD Align utility to align the drive.
 4.Reinstall the drive back into the USB enclosure.
Since WD does not provide support for installing our drives in 3rd party enclosures, you will need to contact the enclosure manufacturer for any further help installing the drive.
i recommend to install the drive in the laptop, and run the diag as said by Plantwiz
if it is ok, you should be able to  install W7 again  -no need to formoar before
if you want to erase the drive completely, BEFORE anything else, download UBCD, and run dban, or any eraser tool :
David Johnson, CD, MVPOwnerCommented:
discard/remove partition magic as it has compatibility problems with newer operating systems.
is this drive a 3TB hard drive? and you are running windows xp sp3
from a command prompt
list disk
select disk 1 (or whatever that drive is that you want to use)
create partition primary
list vol
select volume (the new volume)
now at the command prompt again
format x: /v:label /fs:ntfs /q

Why do you use this old partitioning tool? It seems to me that Partition Magic does not work with such big drives like yours.
Try use some other tool like Parted Magic or Paragon Partition Manager 11 Personal
cismoneyAuthor Commented:
I have used acronis partition expert, and it worked!!

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