Check if the permissions on not inherting from parent

On file server I want to check if the sub folders are inheriting the permissions from the parent. If not get the list of folders to a file.
I don't want to do manually. any script or tool would be helpful.I tried dumpsec but didn't leave the output.
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Malli BoppeAsked:
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Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
I don't know if this tool does do it for you but you may check trail-version of Security Explorer from ScriptLogic

It allows simply to enumerate folder ACLs, so maybe it is also somehow possible to get information about inheritance, If not, you can always export the results to Excel file and analyze them using built-in macro (VBS)

If you're interested, we may try to do that togheter.

Rahul GadeSr. ArchitectCommented:
I belive you can easily achive this using VBScript with the help of File System Object (FSO)
Just to begin with Try:

Set oFSO  = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Set oADSSecurity     = CreateObject("ADsSecurity")

set oTargetSD = oADsSecurity.GetSecurityDescriptor("FILE://" & Cstr(sTarget))
set oDACL = oTargetSD.DiscretionaryACL

Then getting AccessControlEntry (ACE) from AccessControlList (ACL) can help you to check everything using some mask flags, i.e. some anding and oring can give you required results.

I belive this should help you to get started on writing your own script in a way you want. Almost everything that you want to achive can be done here, so why do you need a paid product to produce some output for you?
Malli BoppeAuthor Commented:
tried the below script on windows 2000 file server but the output file is empty.
Rahul GadeSr. ArchitectCommented:
Are you sure your WMI service was active and you appropriatly changed the values of variables before running the script, Just to confirm: MY_ROOT_FOLDER, strComputer?
I do not have access to 2000 file server, but the article itself tells us that this script has been verified on 2000 server, so I guess problem is with your enviornment or the modifications needed in script to accomodate your enviornment.

Malli BoppeAuthor Commented:
I am sure that I have checked but will try again.
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