rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry - Driver Location Problems

Experts - I'm attempting to script printer installation using rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry.  I've pasted the exact code in the block below.

When using the script, it starts copying, until (in this particular printer) it gets to "kyofont2.dll" and it can't locate it.

I've included a screenshot of that UNC path, as well as error.  For some reason, the installation is attempting to add "\i386" to the folder path...  But even me trying it by adding a folder called "i386" and then putting the file within that directory meets the same results.  =  The printer installation can't continue until that file is located.

Would anybody happen to have any insite on what's happening here?  I've already tried changing the registry key for "SearchPath" on drivers, but it aparently doesn't make any difference.
rundll32.exe printui.dll,PrintUIEntry /b "DPDO-103C-501CA" /n "DPDO-103C-501CA" /m "Kyocera Mita FS-C5016N" /if /f "\\DPDO-DS01\eXpress\PAC_Printer\Drivers\FS-C5016n\XP\x86\oemsetup.inf" /r "DPDO-103C-501CA"

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sebastienboConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Do not use UNC path it will not work.

Some drivers, require during driver installation to do a native copy of other files that are hardcode referenced in the driver.

Maybe a mapped drive could work as a workarround, but I would copy it locally so that the copy operation wouldn't fail. (try it first manually, it shouldt fail, i've tested this here just a moment ago)

Hope this helps you further ;-)
usslindstromAuthor Commented:

Thank you very much for the information.  Much appreciated!
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