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Migrating Sharepoint - Site to Subsite

Hi All,

I am in the process of trying to migrate an existing SharePoint site to another SharePoint farm as a sub site of an already existing site

To achieve this I am looking to use the following STSADM commands to achieve this:

STSADM.exe" -o export -url "<URL:Port>" -filename "d:\cab.cab" -includeusersecurity "
STSADM.exe" -o import -url "<URL\Subsite>" -filename "d:\cab.cab" -includeusersecurity "

The problem that i am experiencing is the process fails during the import with the following error:

FatalError: Could not find WebTemplate #75815 with LCID 1033

This is the process that i have been through to resolve this so far to no avail:

Google: Found that the 75815 is related to "expensereimbursementapproval" which is one of the Microsoft 40 templates - Installing this on the destination server did not resolve the issue.
Reading on ExpertsEx, I found a few posts explaining the issue could be down to a different templates being used on the destination site than the source was created with - using the following process in the below link, I found the blank template was used - Using the blank template for the site did not work - STS#1
The next step was to try and figure out which pages in the site are using this template - I have found the below script but would like to know if anyone has any thought to how I can use it on site using a different web-app number - port 8080. Always seems to connect to the default port 80 site

Or if anyone else has any suggestions please let me know – the budget does not allow for AvePoint  

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1 Solution
TimLaffanAuthor Commented:
Wich version of SharePoint you are using? SharePoint 2007 or SharePoint 2010? Or maybe you are trying to move from 2007 to 2010?
Ok, I missed your comment with the link. So it's 2007.
Is the source site and the target site are in the same site collection or web application?
Did you try to move it using the "Save as template" option of SharePoint Site Settings?
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TimLaffanAuthor Commented:
Hi svetaye, thank you for the quick reply

It is actually V3, abit more information - the source site is from another company that we recently purchased. The intrim solution is create a new web application and attach the source DB to it. We then plan to use the following commands to change the security -

stsadm -o migrateuser -oldlogin <old user logon> -newlogin <new user logon> -ignoresidhistory

Destination Sharepoint site: 80
Source Sharepoint site: 8080

So at that point they we be part of the same farm, but different site collections\ webapps

Sorry when i said site, i guess i mean siet collection

As I can see you are trying to move Root Site from some site collection to be a sub-site for another site collection. The timeless issue for all type of SharePoint migration from site to site is different configurations on servers. You must be sure that you servers have the same version of SharePoint, SharePoint service packs and third party solutions installed.
The simplest solution is to compare all features, web parts etc. between 2 servers.
Please read this article to do this:

And Gary Lapointe's STSADM extensions can be very usefull here:

if you want to check if the Fantastic 40 templates are really installed you can use this command:

And formoving a site collection root site to subsite you can use this command:

TimLaffanAuthor Commented:
svetaye your a genius - thank you so much

It would appear when i run the stsadm script for moving a site collection (move-web) - instead of it coming up with the same WebTemplate #75815 missing. It brought up another 4 missing templates (all Microsoft’s fantastic 40), once installed, the migration went brilliantly.

Thank you so much, you really have saved my butt - project completion date is this Friday!!!

TimLaffanAuthor Commented:
Perfect Solution, thank you
You're most welcome:-)

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