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I need to apply for new proxy server on my I need your help to fill my RFP with what comments, features and recommendations that I need to use within my proxy LAN.

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you could look at an outsourced option. I have used Webroot before which offer a great service for security - not an advert but

but as a list of requirements here a few keys ones
support for modern content types i.e. streaming media, various SSL/HTTPS protocols so that you are able to block and allow by an active decision rather than limitation of the product.

high granularity of rules to allow users, protocols, urls, content type etc etc etc to be controlled

Reporting - ability to generate granular reports in readable formats so that you can provide IT level reporting and executive summaries

but the First question for you is why do you want to get a new proxy server - hardware out of date, software out of date, don't have one presentably, ?
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