I have been asked to build a website that has a secure login area that has data being updated by a web admin. When new content has been added they would like the user to be sent a text automatically.

I was looking for some information on this and how hard it is to do for a person who is a immediate developer.

Any information would be great....I'm based in the UK.
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adamnlConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This functionality (known as SMS Alerts) indeed requires a third party that allows for the actual sending of the SMS messages. This third party will provide you with an API used to communicate with them. Most of these solutions are 'cut and paste' ready solutions.

Several providers exist such as:
(I am not affiliated with any of the above, google 'opt-in sms website')
It is not very hard.

You will need a partner company that sends bulk sms and buy mass SMS from them. They will provide you a dll and you will add reference of that dll to your application.

The dll will probably provide a function that needs fields like username, password, sender name, number to receive the text and text message.

You will fill them in, and send. That's it.
if you're part of the NHS, this can be done via the NHSMail server using standard email calls
hayward03Author Commented:
This put me in the right direction to get the information I needed
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