Vista and Ubuntu don't start

[step="" title="The problem"][/step]
My HP PC doesn't start. After having selected the OS to boot (Ubuntu or Vista) an "Windows Boot Manager" page is displayed,warning that the OS didn't start

[step="" title="Info displayed for Windows"][/step]
File:   \Windows\System32\config\system
Status: 0xc000014c
Info: Windows failed to load because the system registry file is missing or corrupt

[step="" title="Info displayed for Ubuntu"][/step]
File: \ubuntu\winboot\ubildr.mbr
Status: ocx000000e
Info: Failed to load selected file. File is corrupt or missing
[step="" title="What I tried"][/step]
"Windows startup repair tool"
Arguing that it is impossible to access files (both in Ubuntu and in Vista) because something has been corrupted in some of the data used to find those files, I ran "Windows startup repair tool", but it did'nt work. The tool wasn't able to perform automatic repair.

"Paragon Simple restart wizard"
Then, I ran Paragon "Simple restart wizard", which can restore the MBR from a previously saved copy (I don't have one!). Neverthless, the tool allowed me to browse the Directory of drive C:; I argue that there is a way to access at least file names (not sure, up to now, that also file contents are accessible).

[step="" title="What is consolidated, IMHO"][/step]
the MBR has been loaded
the Boot sector of the active partition (in drive C:) has been loaded
the BOOTMGR has been loaded
the BCD file has been read
maybe the \Windows\System32\Winload.exe file has been run
the Directory structure is safe
I cloned drive C: a few months ago; so some corrupted files could be restored from that old copy

[step="" title="What else should I try to get rid of this stressing situation?"][/step]

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You can make a Vista USB stick you can boot from. Or you can create a UBCD4Win CD and boot from that. With it you can also run chkdsk. You can make bootable USB sticks with Vista by following the guide in the Link below (although it's title uses Windows 7, it is the same for Vista):

Or you can use the utility below which does the same:

And here is the Link for the UBCD4Win (you will need an XP CD to create the CD):

You can't repair the MBR because its working. The MBR is pointing at your BootLoader which is having the problems. I would automatically say use the windows repair disk, and not to use the "autorecovery" and just to try and install a new bootloader (I think theres an option however its been a while). If you want to simply access your files then I would say all you need to do is download and burn off a linux live CD, (such as Knoppix), boot you machine with the CD. this then starts an operating system in your RAM and your able to plugin an external HDD and save your files.

Windows and Linux do not like running togeter at all. If you do want to venture into using a dual boot, I would recommend using "" which will create the bootloader and so on for you :)
Use the HD manufacturer's diagnostic utility to test the HD. You'll find that on the UBCD. If the tool finds unrepairable errors you must replace the disk, if it finds errors that are repairable, allow it to do the rapairs, then try booting into Windows again:

How did you install Ubuntu? Normally you'd use a Grub Boot Loader, but in your Question it looks as if you aren't using Grub?
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blosAuthor Commented:
My Ubuntu has been installed exactly as you said. But the problem, I think, isn't with Ubuntu, but with BootLoader. The windows repair disk didn't solve the problem.
What I would obtain is to be able to start again Windows Vista, not only accessing files.

Use the manufacturer's diagnostic as I mentioned, it should tell you the disk's state, which looks bad...
blosAuthor Commented:
I used the diagnostics in Ultimate Boot CD, and performed a full surface scan, but no disk error emerged. I continue to think that something is wrong in the file/directory table or ina a specific file.
Run a chkdsk /r from the recovery console or the Vista DVD on the ntfs partitions.
blosAuthor Commented:
How could I run chkdsk/r when Vista doesn't start? I have a Vista DVD, which I'm sure is bootable, but in my PC it doesn't boot. BIOS has been set-up to boot from CD reader, and I tried other (non Vista) bootable DVDs (Ultimate Boot CD, for example), which boot regularly. When I insert the Vista CD, my PC tries booting from the DVD and then goes on and tries to boot from the HD.
blosAuthor Commented:
I tried both your suggestions.
UBCD for Windows didn't "see" my Hard Disk; so I wasn't able to run chkdsk.
Having booted from a bootable USB stick, I didn't find a way to run chkdsk, but was given the opportunity of executing a system repair, and ... it worked!
Your hints on creating a Vista bootable stich have proved to be winning. Thanks!
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