How do I take a .bas file and turn it into a Macro in WOrd 2010

I had to reformat a drive and reinstall WOrd 2010 and I tried to save my Macros by exporting them as .bas files.
Now I am not sure how to recreate them as Macros.
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GrahamSkanConnect With a Mentor RetiredCommented:
Alt+F11 opens the VBA editor.

Select the project that you want to import to in the top left-hand pane. If the template is not visible, open it as a document in the Word window.

From the menu, choose the Import item from the File menu and browse for the files. If you also saved any userforms they will appear as .frm files.
In the VBA editor, do File/Import and browse for the files.

You could have saved the template(s) with the macros instead.
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
please be specific where is the VBA EDITOR
kcassoneAuthor Commented:
Ok imported .bas files but are not in Macro WIndow in Word.
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