Where is my Exchange Management Console!!

Hi Fellas,

Perhaps its a senior or blonde moment that I am experiencing but all I seem to have under my exchange 2007 folder is the Exchange Management Shell.  

Exchange seems to be working otherwise but we have had some contractors working on the server.  

What I am looking for is the Exchange Management Console as I need to configure some mailbox size settings.

Any help / asdvice is greatly appreciated.


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The Exchange Management Console is a plugin for the normal Windows Management Console interface.

Click on START and then RUN.  Type in MMC and click on OK and the Management Console will fire up.

Within MMC, click on FILE and then ADD/REMOVE SNAP-IN.  You will see a list of available snap-ins - scroll down the list until you find Microsoft Exchange and click ADD to add it to the list.  Click on OK.

Or, navigate to C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\V??\Bin and run Exchange Management Console.msc

I've put in V?? as I can't remember what the V number is for Exchange 2007.
Mike_HeanueAuthor Commented:
Cheers Geezer.  Some people get brain freeze..  ..I get brain rust!!
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