VPN between 2 networks with same subnets

I have a VPN set up at home which is sat behind a Vigor 2820 router.  The local network there is 192.168.0.xx subnet  This works fine usually but I now have a problem that I am using a network in a building which uses the same values.  I guessing this is why I cant see anything because the routers dont know how to route!  I would prefer not to change the ip addresses at home as it would mean readdressing everything and im only here for a few hours.  I obviously cant change anything here as although they are happy for me to use their internet I think changing their addressing would be a little rude!  Is there any way of getting around this problems as I guess it will crop up in the future (192.168.0.xxx being such a popular range)
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it will crop up again - as sure as night follows day :)

couple of options for you: -

1. logmein or teamviewer (or other options).  allows full remote access to any device running the client
2. allow RDP thru your firewall directly to a PC at home and use that.  I don't like RDP thru a firewall personally, but some do.

Moving your local IP address up to the range might help you (not many people go that high).  Or dropping down to 10.x.x.x/24 - again, choosing a high number will help you.
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Sorry didnt mean for this to wind up in the general laptop zone!
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Sorry I dont get the /24 bit?
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ah.../24 is your subnet

/24 =
/16 =
/8 =
/32 =

It tells your network what range of IP addresses to use.  For example, equals an address range of -->  Or, equals -->

does that help?

The 24bit addresses the subnet....8bit would be 255.x.x.x, 16bit would be 255.255.x.x and 24bit would be 255.255.255.x.

As jakethecatuk suggested, LogMeIn.com is one workaround which I also use.

Another workaround, although more complex, is what I use as backup and that is using reverse tunnel. I use Putty which stays connected to my pc at home and when I'm home I simply connect to the tunnel. I can then use Windows' RDP to connect to my pc at work.  But this means you would have to know or find an open port first to connect from work to home (Putty).

So Logmein is a much simpler solution.
simonwaitAuthor Commented:
Thanks for that.  I think I will try that.  I actually use teamviewer but sometimes none of the PCs are on but there is a NAS
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