Deploy Printers in RDP & network environments

I want to automate the deployment of printers to users in a MS Server 2003 (not SBS) domain with a separate TS server:
a.  4 locations each with its own printers
b.  each location has multiple departments
c.   some users can operate at multiple sites
d.  one printer needs to be accessible by users at any site
e.  Users access the main app via RDP but access e-mail & Office files via locally running Office apps
f.   RDP session printers & network accessible printers are different for users
g.  some users need to print to specific printers at other locations

I can see how using GPO deployed printers operate but have difficulty seeing how to:
a.   Have different deployment policies for RDP & network access at the same time
b.   Deploy a the printer that many users need access to as well
c.   Have site by dept deployment polices that change as users move from site to site

Any thoughts  would be appreciated

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pagogrpConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
No real solution obtained did the work manually
Sajid Shaik MSr. System AdminCommented:
windows 2003 can do the printers redirection ... just install the same printer driver which they have on each location ... i .e  if location A having 4 types of printers so  u have to install those printers drivers on your terminal server so this way the printer will automatically redirect.... to their printer machine.

there is no setup needed ...

if there any issue please see this article for support.

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pagogrpAuthor Commented:
Thanks shaiksaj

We have turned off printer redirection because there are simply too many printers listed in the TS - every user has some 3 to 4 redirected printers - by the time 30 users have logged in there are over a 100 printers listed.  It is just too hard to manage.

We want just the printers that are connected for that user so that the available printers list is much reduced & users do not  need to know there session id
pagogrpAuthor Commented:
No solution provided so no points awarded
pagogrpAuthor Commented:
No solution provided
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