SQL2005/2000 Linked Server Security

First let me apologize in advance for being a newbie

There is a linked server entry to a sql 2005 server on my sql 2000 client

Our network team has "locked" down the server so access with existing id no longer works

Since I do have access using by domain account is there a way to use that to get access

I look at the linked server security properties and see the following

Local Login   Impersonate   Remote User  Remote Password

For a login not defined in the list above, connections will:

Not be made

Be made without using a security context

Be made using this security context:

     Remote login:
     With password

Not sure what combination will allow me to access (if any)
using my domain account info

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johnnyg123Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
never did figure this out

doesn't look like  I explained it well enough
Using the option "Be made using this security context:", and enter your domain account id and password.

You have to make sure your domain account can access the target database.
johnnyg123Author Commented:

I get a SQL Server does not exist or access denied.

On  the sql  server managment login screen I'm using windows authentication so I assume that means my domain account has access to the database

Did I mention I'm trying to create linked server to a 2005 sql server from the 2000 client?
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SQL 2000 shouldn't be a problem.

Did you include the domain name in the login Id?
johnnyg123Author Commented:

Changed the values to protect the innocent but used the following format

id:  mid\jsmith
password: testing123

mid is domain name
jsmith is id
johnnyg123Author Commented:
It has been open for awhile and have not received any follow-up
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