Event ID 3083 Windows Search Service on Server Windows 2003 R2


I'm getting this error message on an up-to-date Windows 2003 R2 server:
- event ID - category: 3086
- Source : Windows Search service
- category : Rassembleur (gatherer in French, I guess),
- file name tquery.dll.mui
- version 7.0.3001.16503
- message: Impossible de charger le gestionnaire de protocol Search FileHandler. Description d'erreur: Le module spécifié est introuvable. (translated from French into "Unable to load the protocol manager Search Filehandler. Eroor description: The module specified cannot be found."

I'm getting this message tens of times a day.

Have thought about uninstalling Windows Search 4.0 but I get a warning message that says there have been a lot of pacthes since this was installed that may no longer work!

Is there anyway of reinstalling this product? Any way of getting around the problem?

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vaderjConnect With a Mentor Commented:
In sharepoint, in central admin, ssp admin, should be search logs
what does your gatherer log look like?
Leonard_MORAuthor Commented:
Where di I find this log?
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