Emails not being delivered through to exchange mail account?

We have a particular email that is not reaching a recipient.  We can see the email reach our permiter SMTP device and that it is forwarding the email to Exchange but we cant find any trace within Exchange.  I've search using message tacking in the exchange toolbox but no trace.  

Any ideas how to check whats wrong?

We have disabled all Antispam and are running windows 2008 sbs which includes exchange 2007.

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jfletchsterIT ManagerCommented:
The default max for exchange 2007/2010 is 10 MB
The Max size for the whole server is configured in the Exchange MMC, Under Org Config, Under Transport Settings. Will be displyed as 10000 or simular, change to 1 to a 2 to accept a 20 MB email.
Also check the properties of the Server Config, Hub Transport, Default Extenal SMTP connector. for the same setting.
jfletchsterIT ManagerCommented:
Have you checked that all the in-built Microsoft anti-spam features in Exchange 2007 are disabled. Check Hub transport and disable.
Check the Message Queue and see if there are any messages awaiting delivery/destination. In the Exchange MMC go to the Toolbox and choose Message Queue.

Double check that your SMTP permitier can resolve your server, ping it and can access its SMTP port. Telnet port 25 etc from the SMTP permitier device if you can. Or from a device on the same network as the permitier.
Check the SMTP permitier error log for any message regarding the delivery, i.e. not delivered due to error....
resolver1Author Commented:
Each of the SPAM viewers are disabled
No messages in Queue.

Other mails are being delivered from the same perimeter device so it cant be a issue with it resolving the IP incorrectly.  The email being sent is 12.5 MB, could it be that the email is too large? If so would that show up in message tracker?
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resolver1Author Commented:
I think it was the  Server Config, Hub Transport, Default Extenal SMTP connector settings.  Ive increase it and can see it in the message tracking .  Ill check it has landed in the users inbox.  

Thanks.  Update the question tomorrow.
jfletchsterIT ManagerCommented:
If it doesnt i know in exchnage 2010 (cantt remember 2007) there is a global setting you have to update too. At the Org Level.
resolver1Author Commented:
user now has the mail so it was the Server Config, Hub Transport, Default Extenal SMTP connector.  

Thanks for your help :-))))
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