Block access to other network devices, Allow access to internet.


I need to allow one of the computers on my network access to the internet while blockning access to ANY of the local devices. (Other PC's on the network)

I am using MikroTik as my router. I'm familiar with that platform, just not specifically how to set THIS up.

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thank you in advance!
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Greg HejlPrincipal ConsultantCommented:
if your client is to have control of the server you must use vlan to separate from your local network

Assuming that you use the Mikrotik to connect to the internet and your LAN is connected to the LAN port on the Routerboard, you need to access the Routerboard using the Winbox application. Once connected use the firewall and add 2 rules to the wireless interface.

The first rule needs to be an accept rule for the IP address you want to allow through and the second rule needs to be a drop rule for

Please take care not to drop all traffic to the LAN interface as this will stop you from using the Winbox application and you would need to reset the device in order to regain access.
VCSLIAuthor Commented:
I'm worry i dont follow you.

If i allow SRC-ADDR to DST
and then Drop SRC-ADDR to DST

How does that help? :P

This isn't for wireless, this is for a server i'm letting a customer use temporarily i want them to access the internet, but not anything on my network..
I agree with Greg_Heji. Putting that server on a separate VLAN would probably be the easiest way to accomplish what you want.
VCSLIAuthor Commented:
This was good advice, thank you!
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