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Excel Cell Reference Problem

I have 2 data sets.  I am pulling a small set of data from a larger set using VLOOKUP.  For some reason, it is not finding the data, even though it is there.  I know there is an issue with formatting.  For example, If I am trying to Lookup "John Smith", it will not return a solution, but when I manually go to the sheet, retype "John Smith" in the same place, the same way, it finds it and returns a solution to my Lookup page.  What am I missing?  I tried changing the formatting to "text" on both sheets (in the Format Cells Menu), but that hasn't worked.  It only seems to work when I re-type the exact same thing in the box.
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It would be easier to diagnose if you provide an example but the most common problem with a vlookup is not using the final parameter for example: =vlookup(a1,$B1$C55,3,0) - the final ",0" tells vlookup that it should be looking for an exact match and the data in column B is not sorted.

If you provide a sample file we can examine what's going on

check if there are spaces before/after the data you are looking in.
FrankkadafAuthor Commented:
There was 1 space after the first name in the large data set!  A small but important difference!

Glad to help!
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