Whole company getting calendar invite

If I invite this one specific user to a calendar event, it goes to the whole company.  It does not matter who invites them, it goes it the whole company.  It also does not matter what computer the invite is sent from either.

No one is a delegate on the receiving users account.  The email does not forward to anyone.  The "Default" permission on the calendar for the user is reviewer.
Who is Participating?
Sounds like there may be an ALL STAFF Ghost Delegate on Recipients calendar.

Go to their Outlook Profile
Open Tools>Options>Delegates
If there is no one listed, add Anyone from the global Address list as a delegate
Givem them reviewer to their calendar, or anything really....

Close outlook and re-open
GO back to delegates
Remove the person you just added.

close and re-open outlook

Now send them an invite

Issue should no longer happen
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