change Exchange EMC attributes to display more than 100 public folders

I have recently moved to Exchange 2010 and am trying to monitor my public folder replication from 2003 to 2010. However I have over 100 public folders and am having problems viewing all of the folders within EMC. I know that I can issue the -resultsize unlimited command in PS, but read that there is somewhere that I can edit within ADSIedit so that the EMC GUI will also show the full resultant set.

Does anyone know where that edit needs to be made?

Also on a side note, but somewhat releated, I have a similar issue with trying to add users in a child domain. there is an error that the domain is different from the scope root's domain. I know that I can use the following commands, but was wondering it there is a way to make it permanent without a shortcut.

2010 = Set-AdServerSettings -ViewEntireForest $True
or use –ignonreDefaultScope on the command if applicable, i.e. get-mailbox –ignonreDefaultScope

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ryan80Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
It is not an issue with the user being restricted, but rather the scope being limited. if I use powershell, I just need to run the command from my original post, and then I can view all domains. Just not sure how to pipe that into the public folder gui. It works fine in the regular EMC.
Modify the Maximum Number of Recipients to Display in the Result Pane

Recipient Configuration Node
Section: Modify the Maximum Number of Recipients to Display
ryan80Author Commented:
Will this work for public folders as well since it opens a different window for publc folders?
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ryan80Author Commented:
I checked and there is no max recipient configuration for the public folder panel.
hmm...It might not apply to the "Public folders console"
But do you see any warnings\dialog-boxes when loading the "public folders"

Users --> Might have the options to get limit\restrict the users to be listed

Public Folders --> they may use some other options modes to get the list of the public-folders @ the "public folder databases" may not need some settings to limit the listings........

You should see just the progress bar when EMC has got a lots of folders to display
ryan80Author Commented:
could not find a way to pipe this command into the GUI. Just using powershell instead to add these users.
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