Search directories and list out entries...


I need a .vbs or .bat script that will search all directories in \\cslwinprn01\tsprofiles$\... and particulary look for a WINDOWS directory and find an entry in the BCS.INI called AdapterUDPPortNumber='xxxx'

where 'xxxx' is a random number....

I would like a list that will display the name of the users directory and the number used in the AdapterUDPPortNumber e.g...

tek-rjk.NBS - AdapterUDPPortNumber=4343
thp-sfm.NBS - AdapterUDPPortNumber=3445

Any help would be appreciated..

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Pit this in a batch file and it will give you the file path and the value you are looking for:

For /f "tokens=*" %%I in ('Dir /s /b \\clswinprn01\tsprofile$\BCS.INI') do (
FINDSTR "AdapterUDPPortNumber" %%I

rakkadAuthor Commented:
Will this produce a list e.g. into a txt format, e.g.....

tek-rjk.NBS - AdapterUDPPortNumber=4343
thp-sfm.NBS - AdapterUDPPortNumber=3445


oh! okay.  If you just use the like below on the command line or batch file:

FINDSTR /S "AdapterUDPPortNumber" \\clswinprn01\tsprofile$\BCS.INI 

Open in new window

you will get an output of:


Let me know if the <file_path> depth is predictable and that can be removed too if you want it.  ":" could also be replaced for " - "


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rakkadAuthor Commented:
This has worked thanks
rakkadAuthor Commented:
I've requested that this question be closed as follows:

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for the following reason:

This solution worked for me
the solution provided worked for Rakkad.  Moderator, I don't understand why Rakkad would not award points.  Perhaps Rakkad does not know what the process is for awarding points.

Thank you.

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