Novell DNS in conjunction with Microsott DNS

We currently are using Microsoft DNS (2003) and are considering also using DNS on our Novell Server (Netware 6.5 SP7) because of some issues regarding IPrint.  The main issue consists of losing  connections randomly to the IPrint Server.  So we believe by turning on the DNS on the Novell server it should take care of these issues.  My question is it recommended to have DNS on both of these Servers or is there any other recommendations to this issue.
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provided you configure your Novell DNS server to be a slave/secondary DNS server off of your MS DNS servers, then you shouldn't see any problems.

you can only have one DNS master and as long as you stick to that, you'll be ok.
when I say DNS master, what I meant to say was that only one environment can be the DNS master - and for your install, it needs to be your MS servers.
cwsoft05Author Commented:
Very quick fairly thorough answer.  Gave me answer I need.

Thank you!
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