Password Resets - User Level

Hi All,

Can anyone recommend a tool that allows users to reset thier own passwords through a number of security questions?

I have seen a similar thing done with Sophos Safeguard although I need a smaller solution.

If we have engineers that have locked themeselves out over a weekend they need to be able to *securely* rest their passwords.


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Hi techmiss,

We use Novell IDM with a self service portal to allow users to unlock their own accounts. This is however a corporate solution and might be more expentive than you were looking for.

Alternatively you can probably create your own utility using a Macro / Scripting language like AutoIT.
Mike KlineCommented:
Microsoft makes Forefront Identity manager which can provide this feature and more.   Video here

Namescape also makes a product (haven't tested it myself).  They have a video up also

There are other solutions out there too

techmissAuthor Commented:
Thanks Guys, I will look into them both.

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