Exchange 2003 across a BOVPN.

We are trying to offload our email load across a BOVPN as it is causing congestion on our WAN.  (Yes we need to upgrade our WAN, but that is a long story about approvals and money.)  Anyway, we a hub Exchange server that everyone comes to to send messages to the internet and our European  and ASIAPAC locations.  Basically the bridge heads are on the hub.  When we redirect the exchange server from WAN to the BOVPN email going to the internet works great and continues to flow, BUT email going to the other bridge heads fail, and fail miserably.  they start queing messages.   Everything is setup to go to the hub (like the internet mail) and the hub is to send it on.  When I switch it back to the WAN if flows like it should.  Am I missing something in my BOVPN.  Do I need tunnels to the other bridgeheads?
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wingateslConnect With a Mentor Commented:
With your connect set to go over the vpn, try to telnet to your exchange server on port 25 and issue a EHLO command. What comes back? Is it possible that there is an inspection of the smtp traffic occurring between the servers?
NMHGADMAuthor Commented: nailed it in one!!
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