Questionaire: Desktop & Network position


1) I know that it is possibly "not the right zone" to bring it up ......but it is related to Desktop and Network Position

2) The questionaire: i) What is the most that you like for this position?, ii) What were things that you like least for the position?

3) For the first question, my answer is " Helping the company & people based on  my technical skills

4) I do not have any idea to answer the 2nd question at all

5) My request: Any help for the answers of the 2nd question? Any help to give the right sentence or wording for the 1st question? Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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Can you past in the job description for the position?
tjieAuthor Commented:
1) this is related to desktop & network support
2)Just say it anything that you feel or think .....possibly it will greatly help ..
3) I am " freezed" or got "blank" ...
4) Thanks
tjieAuthor Commented:
The approach partly solve the problem
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