MS Visual c++ runtime error


i support one of the applications which run over the IE or web based wht i meant  and this is a java based application and in the recent past we have seen the error MS visual C++ runtime error
and its crashing the IE i optimised the browser settings and rgistered the DLL files no go

nothing found in event log is there solution for this error MSG.
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If your getting a runtime error you will need to install/reinstall the c++ runtime library it is asking for. It would be helpful to get a picture of this error as well as a detailed description about what was done at the time of the error and what applications where running.

You can go here to get it: 2010 C++ runtime library. If its a older software you may want to try a earlier version. As for the java crashing IE. Have you tried upgrading your java? You can also use a different browser to see if its not just a IE problem.
You'd better paste some screenshots here. And then we can help more.
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