Can't send or receive internal email on new SBS 2011 domain

I just set up new SBS 2011 Server, we can send and receive email outside the domain, but cant send and receive to internal domain users.  Error #550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found # # Please advise.
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Either the resolver is not properly formatting emails into exchange accounts
(eg, is not being changed to robert because the resolver doesn't properly recognize all of your domain extensions)

Or Exchange isn't properly tied to DC which would cause a similar issue.

I would start by examining the various settings on both the exchange server and the DC, and you will most likely notice which setting isn't complete.

Best of luck!
Sanjay SantokiCommented:

There are couple of caused here.

The issue would occur if the address policy has been disabled on the contact. Please run the cmdlet below to enable address policy on the mail address, apply the address policy, and then force a rebuild of OAB

Get-MailContact -OrganizationalUnit ‘OU=Internal,OU=Contacts,OU=Microsoft Exchange Objects,DC=b-f,DC=net” | Where {$_.EmailAddressPolicyEnabled -eq $False} | Set-MailContact -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $True

The "ExRecipNotFound" refers to the fact that the address is already
in it's "resolved" form -- a legacyExchangeDN. If the person isn't in
the AD then that legacyExchangeDN has to be coming from somewhere it's

Sanjay Santoki

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slimjim1437ConsultantAuthor Commented:
I did not try to rebuild the OAB. I went through the Auto Recall on each local machine and deleted the Domain email addresses, and it started working after manually typing in their address or filling from contacts. The problem was caused from transferring the .NK2 file from the machines joined to the previous SBS2003 domain, and were indeed trying to resolve to the non existent Server. PS on SBS the Exchange Server and The DC are the same.
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