Integration between Cisco Communication Manager and CME/CUE

We have a Communication cluster in our main office.  We also have six remote offices all running Call Manager Express.  Is there any tie together that can take place between the systems?  In a perfect world, I would convert each office to SRST and tie them all back into our cluster, but unfortunately cost is not allowing it.

So my real question is can we tie the systems together (CUCM and CME) in any fashion, like call routing, call forwarding, etc? Or do they need to remain non contiguous?  Thanks
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José MéndezConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By non-contiguous you touch the dialplan topic, extension contiguity, however you may still achieve this as the administrator of all the systems by managing separate dialplans on each site/device, acting as a whole.

You may tie them together through SIP trunks or H.323 trunks (H.323 gateways in CallManager).

Site A: extensions 1000 would call each other, the CME at that site will handle the routing internally.
Site B: extensions 2000 can be called by pointing to a H.323 or SIP trunk.
CAITMANAuthor Commented:
We are running MGCP gateways at our headquarters.  Would we then need to add a H323 gateway at each site?
José MéndezCommented:
Wait a sec, you said
We also have six remote offices all running Call Manager Express
so, I imagined phones registered to the CMEs at each site. Anyhow, you may still run MGCP along H.323 on the same device.
CAITMANAuthor Commented:
Thats correct all remote offices have phones that register to their local CME.
José MéndezCommented:
Ok so you should be able to inter-trunk them with SIP or H.323.
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