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Moving roaming profiles using Robocopy, RichCopy or another method

We have a new server loaded with Windows Server 2008 and we want to transfer our roaming profiles from a a Windows 2003 to this one as seamlessly as possible.  It has been suggested to use Robocopy or RichCopy.  If anyone has anyone has an easier method please suggest it with the steps otherwise can someone please suggest the exact steps or links using Robocopy or RichCopY?  
3 Solutions
Moving them is easy.
Setup a profiles directory on the new server shared as Profiles$
Browse to the profiles on the old server and do the cut & paste to the new Profiles$.
Then you have to go into the user's account and change the profile path to \\new server\Profiles$\username
You'll also want to set permissions on Profiles$ to everyone full access and then set permissions on the subfolders to the individual user.
I'm assuming you are running a domain and you have already joined the 2008 server to it.
regsampAuthor Commented:
I thought if we do it the cut and paste method that permissions/settings would be lost, ergo we needed a procedure like Robocopy to maintain the settings?  

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Windows Easy transfer may be something to concider.


However, the robocopy operation is simpply renaming the new raoming profile to a name like name_Old. Then just copy the profile you want into the same location and then give it the name of the folder you just renamed. The roming profile accesses the location by folder name, so as long as the folder is the name of the user, windows will use that. I wont go into how to use robocopy but here is a link to get started:


Darius GhassemCommented:
You can use the Move Contents option with the current redirection to move the folders over.

Or Robocopy and\or RichCopy is the best to move the data over.

Make sure if you manually move the data that you tell the GPO when you change the path that Contents do not need to be moved
regsampAuthor Commented:
Okay louis, I will look at those links and post back.  
regsampAuthor Commented:
The Windows 2008 server has been joined to the domain.  Okay dariusq, I may consider that.  

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