Uninstall a patch using sccm 2007

I made the mistake of installing KB2393802 to our enterprise.  We have a conflict with many of the laptops which causes blue screens and a "Stop 7F".  Does anyone know how to back out a patch using sccm 2007?
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1. Check out this article to determine a silent command line to uninstall the patch
2. Test the uninstall command line on a client
3. Create a package/program with the command line and advertise it to your clients
Abduljalil Abou AlzahabInfrastructure Team Leader – Professional ServicesCommented:
I download KB2393802 and check for available switches but didn't found /uninstall switch, but most of exe has /uninstall switch, try to use steps that described by Mr. merowinger and when you'll test it on client write on CMD:
WindowsXP-KB2393802-x86-ENU.exe /uninstall
if success create package and program with this command line.
George SimosIT Pro Consultant - IT Systems AdministratorCommented:
One question please, how did you installed the update?

1) Via SCCM's Update Mechanism
2) Via WSUS
3) something else

If you answer the above then we wiil be able to help you with the most adequate solution.
Generally uninstall information is saved in the security bullitins see link below.

In this case it's

You can use /? for switches but normally /quite /norestart are the most common switches.

You can wrap this in some code or batch file to check if the folder exists and then execute.

sysadmin-eeAuthor Commented:
Since Microsoft has stated the patch that caused the conflict is a good patch, we decided to update the conflicting program which were the Intel chipset video drivers.  For those of you with similar issues you can see the fix here: http://www.symantec.com/connect/forums/pgp-wde-blue-screen-after-kb2393802#comment-5224371
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