O2 Micro Drivers and software in new Dell

We bought a new Dell Latitude two weeks ago (E5420 with core i5) and noticed that the shutdown time for windows was much longer than other laptops we have.  I was finally able to narrow it down to the O2FLASH and O2SDIOAssist services that were running (I assume these services were installed from the O2 Micro Driver on Dell's website).  I stopped the services and set them to manual startup and now the laptop shuts down 20 seconds faster than with them on.  It went from a full 30 seconds down to 10 seconds to shut down.  

Does anyone know:
a) why it does this
b) if these services are really needed
c) anyway of finding out a solution to this problem, or is it just one of those things that really will never get addressed with Dell or O2 Micro?

O2 Mirco didn't have any sort of tech support option on their website, and I am afraid if I call Dell tech support, I'll just get the standard "script reading" tech support agent from another country.
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Dr. KlahnPrincipal Software EngineerCommented:
In laptops where I have seen an "O2 Micro" device, it is a single-port SD card reader.  If the laptop in question has an SD reader, and disabling the services causes it to stop working, this is probably the case here as well.

O2 Micro also markets Cardbus controller chips.  If there is no SD adapter in the laptop, but there are Cardbus ports, the O2 Micro device is probably the Cardbus controller, and disabling it would also disable the Cardbus ports.

Setting the O2 Micro services to "Manual" may allow use of the SD reader and the Cardbus ports with some initial delay while the services start.  The only way to find out is to try it.

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jbobstAuthor Commented:
There is a single port SD card reader on this laptop, and that is what the O2 Micro driver is for.  Usually, a device like this just requires a driver, yet I see two services associated with the O2 Micro.  However, when I disable the services, the SD card reader still works (I assume the services have nothing to do with the driver to make the port work).  When the services are disabled, the system shuts down much faster, so there is some problem with these services interacting with Windows and causing it a 20 second delay in shut down.  I was trying to figure out why an SD card reader needed services running in the background.  Especially since when the services are disabled, the card reader still works.
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