Unidata Phone WPU-7800

Hi Everyone,

I recently purchased a Unidata Phone WPU-7800 and I can't figure out how to provision it properly.
I am using Trixbox for my phone system, and I have a tftp server setup on it. all my previous phone I was able to configure the TFTP server ip address on the phone and everything was getting pull from it as long as the config file was existing on the TFTP server. I creaded the config file as mentioned on the admin manual and I also try to configure manually on the phone but for some reason it doesn't get register with my ohone system. what am I missing ?
I tried 0000000000.ini file  for the config and also 00:00:00:00.ini but neither one seems to get pulled from my phone. I also put the firmware in the tftp server and see if the phone would grab it , it does so I know that the tftp works with this phone and that the phone can see the tftp server.

I really need some help on how to create the proper file and have my phone grab it properly . the manual are located there:

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I started to build a config file for these phones. We only have a few of them deployed and thus far I have done the setup through the web interface. I have a text file named as <mac-address>.cfg with no periods or colons in there. The file is a KEYWORD=<value> format such as this:

## System Settings
# Login Account Settings

I have a job coming up in the next couple of weeks that will deploy 6 of these so I'll be working on the files next week. If you want I'll post an example here when it is ready.

tavernyAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply.
I tried to follow your instruction and I think I don't need to put the  quotes between the value. Anyway, it seems that It is able to pull the file , but I missing one iportant piece: the Server.
on my config file i dont' see where to put the server IP
I don't use proxy , I never had to put Domain name , but I don't see a config for the SIP Server. I assumed that it would use the default TFTP since I can't find another location. So I think this is what is missing. even on the webportal of the phone (unidata) I can't find the settings for that.
here is my config file for my phone.
Displayname = DAVId
# min:0 , max :30 chars
Phone_Number = 803
# min:0 , max :30 chars
User_ID =803
# min:0 , max :30 chars :authentication ID
User_Password = 1290
# min:0 , max :30 chars : authentication password

1st_Proxy =
2nd_Proxy =
# min:0, max : 70 chars : primary sip proxy
Domain_Realm =
# min:0, max : 64 chars; Domain Name/Realm
Register_Expire = 3600
# min:60 ,max : 86400(sec)
tavernyAuthor Commented:
Well I found my way around, by trial and error. and now it's working . so here is the config file that I used. my SIP is
I also had to go into the web interface to configure what I needed and download the config file to see the proper syntax so I could put in my common file .
Attached you will find my common file, mac file and all the command from my phone that are available
hope it will help you with your project. now I just need to figure some of the settings like the push server not sure what it is for: RTP RTCP, agent under SIP, SDP, VAD, TOS. I know it's outside of the scope of this question. but if you know I would appreciate.
Thanks for your help.
David  user.txt e1-common.txt e1-mac.txt
tavernyAuthor Commented:
my comment has some of the working config file that could be helpful to others
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