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We're looking for a solution and so far Infopath looks like it may be what we are looking for, but I wanted to get some feedback from people that use it,  and also find out if there are other products we should also consider.

We don't yet have Office 365 but would consider switching over to that to use Infopath.

What we need is a platform to manage procedures / tasks. Basically, an "electronic version of a checklist.".  There would be a list of tasks that need to be completed for a specific small project... and as each task is performed someone would need to check the box that they've completed that section/task (and have the system log the person's name and date/time)

Multiple people may be working on the same small project (not necessarily at the exact same time) and would check their sections off when completed.

It sounds like Infopath can be used in this way correct?

How hard is it to set up? The person who will be creating these checklists is not a web developer for example. Will they have a hard time creating these workflows?

Any feedback would be appreciated, including any tools that would make this easier.

Or, if there are other solutions we should consider before making a final decision please let me know what else we can also consider for our needs.

Thanks in advance
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Clay FoxDirector of Business IntegrationCommented:
You may be able to do this in 365/SharePoint.  InfoPath would work too but need SharePoint or a database server.

I would check with They have a prebuilt solution with InfoPath forms for light weight project management like you describe.  Might be a good fit or good example of what can be done.
serveradmAuthor Commented:
Thanks,  would InfoPath and the template addon from (I assume the $100 one) be fairly easy to use for someone with limited web development experience?

Is Sharepoint Designer required for any of this?

Thanks again
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