Move Extension from one IP Phone to Another Using Cisco CallManager Express

I'm having issues using Cisco's CallManager Express.  All I need to do is move one user's extension from an existing Cisco 7912 phone to an existing 7960 phone.  Should I do this in the CLI or can CallManager Express do it in a way that I'm missing?

Current extension 1703 is on Cisco 7912
Current extension 1722 is on Cisco 7960

I need to flip flop these so 1703 is on the 7960 and 1722 is on the 7912.  Thanks.

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sr75Connect With a Mentor Commented:
you can do it via the CLI.  you need to get the ephone-dn number (not the extension) and then change the button statement in the ephone config.

Here is an example:

ephone-dn 24
   number   1111
   label    My New Number - 1111

ephone 3
    button 1:24

In the example, it would set the first button on the phone to ephone-dn 24 (which has extension 1111) assigned to it.
tholdrenAuthor Commented:
Is there a way to do this in the web-based Call Manager Express?  There are going to be times were I need people to switch around extensions when I'm not here and I don't want them messing around in the CLI.  Thanks.
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