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Environ: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Domain:

I have an account on my server named techadmin.  we use that to log into the servers and do maintenance.  as of late, on a pretty regular basis, that account gets locked and we have to unlock it.  Any thoughts as to what could cause an account to just get locked out every so often?


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Krzysztof PytkoSenior Active Directory EngineerCommented:
Try to use Account Lockout Tools to examine where this account is mostly locked out (on which DC) and then analyze it to see what could case account lockout

To check on which DC it is locked out, use LockoutStatus.exe
For analyzing event logs on that DC, use EventCombMT.exe

Check out THIS link.

Specifically, under the Troubleshooting Account Lockout heading.

Also, this is common.  If that user logs onto a pc and has a password saved to perhaps access a network drive then you may want to remove it if the wrong password was saved (or has since changed) otherwise it'll keep getting locked.
@iSiek: That's the same tool I provided in the link above but I suppose mentioning it twice ensures he won't miss it, Krzysiek ;-)
Since I was the first to mention the tool I believe I should've got the pts for  the solution, or at least assisted.
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