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This is pretty much a lame question, but I am looking to see if anyone has a good web connection on the ins and outs of Exchange 2010. We have been using google apps, and it seemed to be very effective on sharing calendars/contacts/documents/folders/apps...etc

We are now on Exchange 2010, currently calendars are out of sync...contacts are getting screwed up, people miss typing information into their contacts and not able to contact people and we are just wanting a very simple process, one contact list for everyone, calendars...etc

Thanks in advance
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Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Some nice tutorials here;

You really need to get a book on the subject.

you might need to put a bit more detail around the question

How are calendars out of sync
what's going wrong with the contacts

Sharing calendars should be very easy
Setting up group/resource calendars is also very easy

if you can put a bit more details around your question we can answer it
Neil RussellTechnical Development LeadCommented:
"People misstyping infor....." Hmmm and this is Exchanges fault???
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suttons27Author Commented:
Not quite sure how the question got missed....Thank You Firebar for understanding the question.
I was just looking for source, for self knowledge, I have already looked into books and some websites...was seeing if someone out there had one I haven't read yet...thanks Firebar again.

@Neilsr thanks for chiming in and wasting 30 secs of my time to read and respond to your dumb comment, to answer your question,  yes, we received multiple contacts of same people in our public folder, with mistyped information/extra info/lacking info, and if you read correctly, I said everything is out of sync, and I am wanting to see if Exchange 2010 has a way of going through and combining/allowing us to choose which contact is appropriate, i know in outlook 2010 if you have the same contact it lets you merge information, for some reason this is not being triggered in our outlook 2010
Jason WatkinsIT Project LeaderCommented:
Microsoft's Exchange 2010 Administrator's Pocket Reference has done well by me. That and the web-site mentioned above have enabled me to do what I need to do on Exchange 2010.
suttons27Author Commented:
Thanks, sorry for the delay as well, installing Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Training, Design Sessions...complete headache for the past two weeks...
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