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I currently have Exchange 2007 running on Server 2003.  The mailbox database is around 350Gb.  I need to decrease it drastically.  I'm thinking of implementing an archiving software, either Exchange PAM or message solutions product.  I'm also thinking of creating multiple storage groups and databases as even with the archiving software, there would still be white space and I would need to run an offline defrag which would take days on 350Gb DB.  Any suggestions on how best to approach it?  Just trying to bounce ideas around to see the best course of action.  Thanks.
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Shabarinath RamadasanInfrastructure ArchitectCommented:
If you have enough storage/iOPS, Prefer to have more Dbs so that you will get optimal performance.

Try using the sizing sheet for Exchange 2007 and see the optimal way of sizing the DBs, if you have more users on this server.

Shabarinath RamadasanInfrastructure ArchitectCommented:
Offline defragment is the last option as you need to take the db dismounted and run the command which also require good amount of time. I would suggest you to create one or two new DBs and move users to those db. Recreate the existing db. DB size needs to be monitored daily along with the white space details. That will save you from going through similar situations in future.

Good Luck
nywiit76Author Commented:
Thanks for the input.  What would be the purpose of recreating the existing db if all the users have been moved to new db(s)?
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