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Hello Experts,

I am migrating documents to a new SharePoint library that doesn’t use folders, but uses metadata instead to provide the team specific views and/or filters to see their data.

The problem is that my team wants to be able to download only the documents from a filtered metadata view, or by selecting multiple files (e.g., what used to be contained in a sub-folder).  

This means that “Open with Explorer” will not work in my case, because the team will have to sort through many documents (unfiltered) to find what they want to download.  

I have seen solutions on the web by companies that are adding a custom button to the ribbon with an action to download selected files as a Zip file.  Unfortunately, I have zero programming skills.  Does anyone know if Schlumberger has access to these solutions, or has created their own solution?

If I can’t find a solution, I will be forced to use folders again to organize data into downloadable chunks of information.  I have found content types and see how to add metadata to the folder level, but then the metadata must be defined both at folder and document level.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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There are some paid and free alternatives
This is a free option and the author has a wsp that you can deploy and test. No coding involved.

There are similar paid alternatives which certainly will be more scalable and will have support.
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