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This should be fairly easy for you SSIS pros.. I'm kind of new to it.. I have a OLE DB Source Editor that runs the code below and puts the result into a table in SQL(another OLD DB Source).. The only thing I have inbetween the two OLE DB Source editors now is a data conversion transformation editor..... I need to add something else in between that checks the sum of all [current_onhand] and if 0 then fail the package.. If sum [current_onhand] <1 then.... I would like to avoid the VB script task thing because I'm not a VB person if at all possible.. I'm using visual studio 2008.. Is there a componite to check the sum of a colum and then fail if certain condition is met? I want to stick this in between the 2 OLE DB Sources..
SELECT item_id, item, current_onhand, next_supply, next_supply_date, col1,
       col2, col3, col4, col5, creation_date, created_by
FROM sfa.z_item_supply

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cheryl9063Author Commented:
I need help with this.. Not just a link to other sites for me to read.. I put this in the conditional split and I'm getting the error the function sum is not recognized when I try to click the configure error output.

see attached screen print

SThayaTechnical MAnagerCommented:

  The condition Split transformation will not support the "Sum" function name .
  it will do the row by row  value split ups.

for your case you can use Aggregate  tranformation before the Conditional split , then based on the output data  from Aggregate tranformation you can split your data ....

Note :

based on the above code

sum([CURRENT_ONHAND])<1-- this will not work
([CURRENT_ONHAND])<1-- this will work

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